The Best Tips For Learning A New Instrument

The idea of learning a new instrument is very exciting, but it is also challenging. And if something is not challenging, you can’t expect the reward to be great. But the reason why so many people avoid learning a new instrument is mainly that they think it is too hard. Or they think they will lose interest after the first couple of weeks.

Yes, there is a chance you can lose interest, but maybe it just proves you should be doing something else. Although, you won’t know if you don’t try. So, in this article, you are going to learn the best tips for learning a new instrument.

Get Personal

The first thing you want to do is get picky and personal about the instrument you want to master. For example, are you a guitar or piano fan? Or maybe you prefer something like drums or even the flute or trumpet?

There is a world of instruments for you to choose from, and going with one that gets you excited is definitely the right first step.

Use A Fun Approach

Learning a new instrument in the modern world is very different than it used to be. Now, you can go online and find cool videos and courses to show you. But what about the interaction you’ll be missing out on?

Well, if the videos are done right, you shouldn’t have a hard time keeping up. But there are some tutors that work online in real time if you really think it necessary.

Ultimately, you want to make the experience fun in order to stay motivated.

Get To Know Your Instrument

Make no mistake; mastering an instrument is never easy. And even the masters will tell you that every day is another lesson. But it is also important to understand how your instrument works. What are the elements that give it that unique sound and how can you work with it?

Don’t be scared to mess around with the instrument, because that is the only way you will truly get to know it.

Practice, Practice, Practice

If you only play the instrument twice a week, you shouldn’t expect anything spectacular to happen. In fact, you might even lose the motivation to learn by spacing out practice for long periods.

The best advice would be to practice as much as you can, even if you only play nonsense. Interaction with the instrument is key to mastering it.

Why Online Music Lessons Work Well As A Great Resource

Let’s be clear, there is something to be said about doing things the old-fashioned way. Yet you can’t be fearful of fashion forward opportunities. And when it comes to music lessons, both learning an instrument and learning how to sing, online videos and instruction can play a huge role.

So the answer is yes, online music lessons do work. However, how well they work isn’t just dependent on the information provided. There are benefits and advantages to each style of learning. Learning from home by watching videos has the same benefits and disadvantages as working from home.

Let’s unpack that for a moment. You have the freedom of learning what you want whenever you want. Yet the informal process without discipline can be a detriment to how well you own your talent. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be. It just means that you must be your own teacher in some ways, just like you are your own boss in ways when you work from home.

Online music lessons are especially helpful when it comes to grouping them with traditional lessons. They can also be great gateways to introduce youth to instruments and singing lessons ahead of structured classes in an effort to see if music lessons are something that they actually want to pursue.

Back when I first started to learn to play the piano as a kid, I remember the fake hard cardboard keyboard cutout I was given to practice finger placement without sound. What’s the lesson here? The lesson is do your best with whatever is provided to you. Since online music lessons in all forms are available, many of them free, you might as well put those resources to good use as they are applicable. It only makes sense to count on all the help you can get.

Can You Learn Guitar Online

Learning the guitar is a serious undertaking but if you are having trouble finding a teacher then it might be more serious than you think. Learning on your own from a book is possible but there are some things that simply need to be taught. We use the internet for many things these days, so now we’re left with the question: can you learn guitar online? Short answer: yes.

Method 1: Arrange Lessons through Video

If a teacher is unable to travel to your home, or if you cannot get to one, then there are plenty who are willing to accept electronic payments and will teach you over video. Some of the most common methods are Skype or even Facebook chat in some cases. Once you find a good teacher, they will be able to give you the basics and beyond. Keep in mind that the fees for these lessons may be comparable to real life ones.

Method 2: Buy a Course

Find the best online guitar courses here:

The most common method of learning guitar online is to purchase a course. There are many experts who have taken the time to record lesson videos and create materials you can use to learn the guitar. The only downside to this method is that you will not be able to ask questions in real time and you may be left to seek your own answers. The upside is that you will normally only pay $100-$200 for a course whereas you could pay thousands to learn from a private tutor.

In the end, yes, you can learn guitar online but you should research the instructor you plan to learn from, and if you are buying course materials you should check user reviews to make sure you’re getting a good deal. Check out the available lessons and start learning today.

How Long Does It Take To Learn How To Play The Piano?

How long it takes for someone to learn to play the piano truly depends on the individual for a variety of reasons. Anyone can learn to play the piano, but some people tend to have a natural talent. That natural talent, however, is far from being the only factor that decides how long it takes for someone to learn to play the piano.

Age can be a factor. Younger people’s brains are like sponges, and that enables them to learn an instrument more easily than adults. Think of it in terms of learning a new language. While that is the case, adults can certainly learn how to play the piano, but it may just take a little more time.

Adults are saddled with additional responsibilities, too, which leads to the next factor. The old adage that practice makes perfect might technically not be true, but the more you practice, the faster you learn. Practicing daily or as often as possible throughout the week is key to learning to play the piano faster.

When I learned how to play the piano, in less than two years I was part of a group performing professionally in churches. Initially, for even the first few months, it can appear that the learning process is slow moving. There is a lot of technical information to learn and process. All of the sudden, however, everything comes together and you start playing all kinds of pieces.

How fast you learn also depends on the teacher. I had a great piano teacher. After two years, she told me that she had taught me everything she could teach me by that point. Learn how to play the piano, get ready for an adventure, and see how far it takes you. The piano is a beautiful instrument, sight and sound, and it is going to take you places one way or the other.

Violin Compilation on Video

Relaxing violin music is amazing for so many things.

If you’re driving, working, or having a special dinner, violin music can 100% improve the atmosphere.

One great thing that everyone should consider trying is stop listening to the news while driving, and opting in for violin music instead.

This particular video is 2 hours of very nice violin music.

If you have other suggestions found on YouTube, please do share them here.